The 1st water-saving vegetation
solution for the city

How can we perpetuate nature in cities ?

The new VERTUO® approach

A power 3
ecosystem that reproduces the natural
urban water cycle

Water: Rainwater harvesting and storage adapted to each region

Filtration and irrigation: 99.9% removal of hydrocarbons - Optimum capillary rise

Specific substrate: Long-term humidification - Enhanced mycorrhizal symbiosis - No chemical fertilizers

➔ For enhanced efficiency

VERTUO®: 5 advantages
for sustainable plant growth

The power of VERTUO®:
no more watering!

Green spaces
that never need watering again

  Even in summer...

 In the middle of a drought...

   And during a heatwave

➔ Free yourself from watering!

VERTUO® solutions: