Bocage Urbain Origine:
The ideal base for urban plants

Free yourself from
poor soil quality

The fruit of 5+ years of R&D, each BU Origine™ module deploys a fertile environment where there is no natural soil in the ground

Advantages: excellent plant development, aesthetic and sustainable in an urban context

"The dirt in the modules ensures a more vigorous vegetation and a better irrigation"
Christophe - Jardins de Gally

Irrigate with rain
all year round

BU Origine reclaims rainwater through plants. Our modules meet the needs of urban stormwater management strategies

Advantages: allows to reach zero discharge in the city and to be free from watering - 100% of the rain is recycled by plants

"Faced with the Paris Rain Plan's objective of 32mm, Bocage can reduce a water level of 41mm, which is particularly effective"
Valéry, hydraulic expert at the Paris Court of Appeal

that last!

The VERTUO system boasts a record plant recovery rate: plants settle in and thrive thanks to the ideal soil maintained with stable hygrometry all year round.

Advantages: long-term investment - little plant renewal required

"It's crazy on our Office building: 3 years without maintenance and the vegetation has invaded the terrace without any action on our part!"
Julien, property manager office site


At the customer's choice, we offer a plant pallet either 100% endemic in accordance with OFB label, or an alternative proposal depending on site constraints and user requirements.

Advantages: positive for biodiversity, comfortable for Human-beings and more robust over time

"Origine integrates a certain added value for biodiversity while thinking about aesthetics, thanks to locally selected species"
Lucien, water & biodiversity expert

at all times

Our design is the result of more than 10 years of observation of urban vegetation. We propose the most interesting solution for healthy and sustainable planting

Advantages: clean and sustainable urban planted covers

"Through the prism of design, I want to take hold of environmental issues and contribute at my level to the conception of a sustainable life"
Elodie, Vertuo's head designer

Low maintenance

BU Origine keeps the soil moist all year round, even during the most intense heat waves (over 40 days).

Advantages: savings in operating costs and sustainable - plants are not water stressed

"It's an impressive reduction in workload: no watering, fewer plant changes and a quicker turnaround for the teams"
Erwan, landscape sector manager


The Origine solution is modular and totally customizable: depth of burial, height of view, materials... like a LEGO®; play with our modules to deploy plants everywhere!

Advantages: integrates seamlessly into all types of urban planning

"Cortène edges enabled us to integrate the solution into an historical site, without an ounce of visible concrete..."
Arnaud, urban designer

BU Origine is the ideal solution for making plants self-sufficient in the city: along a street, in a parking lot or on a public space... Bocage Urbain Origine combines the conditions of an urban wilderness with lower maintenance costs.

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