Bocage Urbain Oxygene
Waterless plant furniture

Collects and revalues rainwaters

BU Oxygene recovers rainwater that can be accessed on site: by diverting gutters, recovering runoff waters or connecting to a swallow.

Advantages: self-sufficient watering all year round, even in the case of heatwaves; no need for human hands or energy

"The Vertuo water table is sized according to the climate, it is an efficient tank throughout the territory"
Richard, Head of the Highways Department, City of Nogent

Easy to install

BU Oxygene is a plug'n'play greening furniture system. Easy to install, the modules require no civil engineering and can be deployed in 1 day.

Advantages: quick to install, the landscaping can even be temporary

"The Vertuo team has created a landscaping for the city that is as simple as Lego, and the installation is very intuitive"
Damien, independent installer


Our designer Elodie Stephan thinks of Bocage Urbain Oxygene in a perpetual balance between aesthetics, functionality and ease of installation.

Advantages: a Vertuo design is immediately attractive and differentiating and is more easily integrated into an existing urban landscape

"Vertuo's design approach for La Défense (Paris France) offers perfect integration of the project into its environment"
Julien, PLD project manager at Veolia


The design possibilities are endless! Many applications are possible: foot of buildings, schoolyards, alleys, squares, terraces...

Advantages: adapts to every situation, with or without accessible gutters

"The multitude of configurations really responds to each context and each need"
Hugues, head of the Paris social landlord

Naturally enjoyable

BU Oxygene modules by Vertuo can be fitted with a wide choice of wooden seats. In this way, we create planted areas that are convivial and refreshing in summer.

Advantages: flexible use, all-in-one: nature in the city and street furniture

"Vertuo offers a new vision of street furniture; plant-based, user-friendly and aesthetically attractive"
Eric, citizen & user of Vertuo in Nantes

that last!

The VERTUO system boasts a record plant recovery rate: plants settle in and thrive thanks to the ideal soil maintained with stable hygrometry all year round.

Advantages: long-term investment - little plant renewal required

"It's crazy on our Office building: 3 years without maintenance and the vegetation has invaded the terrace without any action on our part!"
Julien, property manager office site


At the customer's choice, we offer a plant pallet either 100% endemic in accordance with OFB label, or an alternative proposal depending on site constraints and user requirements.

Advantages: positive for biodiversity, comfortable for Human-beings and more robust over time

"Oxygene integrates a certain added value in terms of biodiversity while also thinking about aesthetics, thanks to locally selected species"
Lucien, water & biodiversity expert

BU Oxygene is the ideal modular solution for fastly revegetating constrained urban environments, while keeping maintenance costs under control. Ideal for schoolyards, squares, slab architecture, building foot, etc.

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